Monday, August 10, 2015

A Look at Fun Toyota Memorabilia and Collectibles

Finding Fun Everywhere With Toyota's Extensive Resources

Whether you're rolling smoothly over the countryside, blasting ahead on a highway to the distant horizon or perking jauntily through a maze of streets in the city, Toyota has it all. It's for good reason that the strong tales of Toyota have found their way to finely detailed scale models, imaginative advertisements and colorful, entertaining brochures that live on in the portfolios of discerning collectors.

The strongest memories often fall from the vibrant experiences of childhood, and who can forget the classic Hot Wheels line of toys from Mattel? Children across the decades have trundled workhorse Toyota pickups, raced sleek Toyota 2000 GT sports cars, vroomed marvels of Toyota Supra engineering and played endlessly with their excitingly detailed reflections of a remarkable spectrum of other Toyota vehicles. With a collection of Hot Wheels cars that reflect the proud legacy of Toyota engineering, your childhood will remain eternal.

For adults who have long since hidden their Hot Wheels toys in a safe place, commemorative baseball caps from Toyota's Scion Racing events proclaim support for fast cars and protect happy fans from the hot sun of a summer's day. For comfort-minded fans, the warmth of Scion-branded socks stands up against the bullying of the chillier days that wander abroad. For the need right now to make a loud noise unto the heavens for the race to begin, a Scion racing whistle comes in handy. If a mantelpiece or display cabinet looks lonely and empty, then Gushi, Rado and the rest of an eager gang of action figures will be glad to stand guard against drabness in their bright helmets and uniforms.

Remote-control enthusiasts have found the best of both worlds in a melding of Hot Wheels with grown-up cars. State-of-the-art electric drives and fancy remote controls make it ridiculously easy to zoom around a parking lot with zero risk of encountering traffic tickets or bone-jarring potholes. With an Apex Scion Racing FR-S Touring Car or other choice of remote-controlled fun, you'll be yelling gleefully at your friends as you repeatedly beat them to the finish line.

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