Monday, July 6, 2015

5 Little-Known Toyota Facts

Some fun & unusual tidbits about one of the most popular vehicle brands

If you’ve never driven a Toyota vehicle, you’ve definitely seen one on the streets. Toyota accounts for nearly 12% of the vehicles on the streets of the world. With such a reliable and well trusted brand, it’s no surprise that Toyota has some very unique and interesting history.

1) Toyota Didn’t Start with Cars

In 1867, the Sakichi Toyoda company was founded and began making hand looms, not cars. Throughout the early 1900s, they invented other loom models such as the Toyoda Automatic with a nonstop shuttle change feature. The company didn’t even start looking into cars until 1929.

2) Early Toyota Cars Had US Influence

After the son of the company’s founder visited the US for automobile design inspirations, Toyoda Automatic Loom Works added an automotive department in 1933. Their first prototypes, the A1 passenger car and the G1 truck, borrowed many features from American cars. In 1935, Toyoda began manufacturing these two cars and continued to design new vehicles such as the Model AA Sedan and the GA truck that appeared in 1936.

3) “Toyota” May Be a Lucky Name

The original name of Toyoda was changed to Toyota when the company designed its first logo. While “Toyoda” took ten brush strokes to complete and included a plus shape that could be associated with uncertainty, “Toyota” took only eight strokes and had a shape that was linked to growth and prosperity. Eight is also considered a lucky number in Japan.

4) Toyota Manufactures a “Superstar” Car

Did you know that Toyota manufactures and sells a Corolla every 27 seconds? That works out to around 133 Corollas sold every hour. In fact, Corolla is the bestselling nameplate for all vehicles worldwide, making it a true star among cars.

5) Toyota Takes Going Green Seriously

Toyota is responsible for selling almost 75% of hybrid vehicles in the US and is the world’s leading maker of hybrid vehicles. An Inter Brand Survey ranked the company number one out of all green brands across the globe. With over 1.7 million hybrids on the road, Toyota is a leader when it comes to green transportation.

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