Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sinister Salt: How to Protect Your Car From Rust in the Winter

Don't let winter eat your salty vehicle!

Drivers in Cheboygan and northern Michigan often worry about rust. This unsightly substance can shorten a car's life and compromise your safety. Road salt makes it a more serious problem during the winter. Luckily, local motorists have found several effective ways to protect vehicles from rust.


1. Apply an undercarriage sealant to the bottom of your car. You can buy the seal or pay a repair shop to apply it, but be sure to do before the season's first snowstorm arrives.

2. Wax your vehicle's exterior to preserve its paint. A lot of experts recommend that drivers use polymer wax. You may apply this product with a sprayer at the car wash or purchase it in a store that sells auto parts. Don't wax your vehicle in a cold garage.

3. Keep the car indoors during winter storms. If you don't have a garage or it isn't large enough for all of your family's vehicles, consider investing in a small carport. Think about using a self-storage unit to protect antique autos in the winter.


4. Always shovel your driveway before attempting to travel, and don't try to use snow-covered roads that have yet to be plowed. If salt and snow become deeply embedded in a vehicle's undercarriage, they can create substantial amounts of rust as the snow melts.

5. Avoid using your car during or immediately after an ice storm. Road crews usually apply extra salt when they encounter freezing rain, so this type of precipitation causes more extensive rust damage. If you only need to travel a short distance, consider walking instead.

6. When temperatures rise, try not to drive through deep puddles. Water often combines with road salt to produce a highly corrosive mixture that can easily harm your car's wheels and undercarriage. If you can't avoid a puddle, slow down to limit the size of the splash.


7. Visit a car wash to remove salt that has accumulated on your car's body. It's best to thoroughly clean the entire undercarriage. You may also stop rust by fully drying the vehicle before you depart.

Michigan's lengthy winter makes it almost impossible to completely avoid road salt. Fortunately, you may prevent serious damage by repairing rust before it spreads. Fernelius Toyota's body shop and car wash can help you protect your vehicle. Our Cheboygan dealership also offers a range of quality new and used cars. To learn more, stop by our dealership or contact us today.

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