Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Best Car Accessories for Long Drives

Make sure you're set up for success before a long journey

If you prepare properly, a road trip can be a fun and rewarding experience. If you're not quite ready when you step out the door, though, a long car ride can be a tiresome slog. While your car can't make sure you've packed the right clothes or fed the pets, it can keep you entertained and comfortable for as long as you're on the road. Check out these must-have trip accessories for drivers and passengers.

Driver Accessories

Toyota driver and accessories in the Sienna

Cargo Organizer

Toyota offers an incredible cargo organizer that can help you manage the clutter in your vehicle's cargo compartment. While it's only available on larger vehicles like the Sienna, it's great for families that need a lot of interior space for carrying passengers and can't afford to be inefficient with their trunk space. With a cargo organizer, you might find it easier to stretch out and enjoy the ride.

Emergency Kit

If you're traveling through thinly populated areas or worry about the prospect of inclement weather, a Toyota emergency kit can keep you safe, warm, and in touch with the outside world.

Passenger Accessories

Wireless Headphones

Toyota offers cushioned wireless headphones that allow individual passengers to enjoy a personalized listening experience without inconveniencing or distracting drivers or other passengers. With intuitive volume controls and an LED indicator, you'll find it difficult to put these state of the art tools down.

Rear Seat Entertainment System

If you're bringing the kids along for the ride, don't leave home without a rear-seat entertainment system. 7-inch touch-screen monitors and DVD players allow you to show the kids' favorite movies. Meanwhile, headphones ensure that they can turn up the volume as loud as they want without bothering everyone else in the car.

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