Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Best and Worst Car Options for New Drivers

How to choose the right car for the right driver

Is there a new driver in your family? Whether you're just getting your highway legs or have been teaching a teenager the ropes, there are plenty of great vehicle options that can make the transition a little easier and safer. On the other hand, there are some that don't have much of a place in a new driver's vehicle. We've put together an easy-to-parse list of the best and worst options for new drivers.

The Best:

All-Wheel Drive for Rough, Wintry Riding

All-wheel drive for winter roads

If you've lived in our neck of the woods for any length of time, you know how critical it is to have reliable traction in all types of weather. For new drivers, a safe, smooth ride is even more important. An all-wheel drive system can dramatically improve safety and peace of mind behind the wheel.

Automatic Transmission for a Smoother Learning Curve

Standard transmission vehicles can be fun to drive, but mastering the clutch and shifter can lengthen the learning process. For a first car, an automatic transmission is a better bet.

Smart Cruise Control

Cruise control has gotten a whole lot more sophisticated in recent years. Some new Toyota vehicles now feature cruise control systems that can handle variable-speed traffic and other complex situations.

The Worst:

Stay Away From the Turbocharger

When you're learning to drive, it can be tempting to develop a lead foot. A turbocharger can increase the "need for speed" even further, potentially creating a safety risk for drivers who haven't yet developed confidence behind the wheel.

Fancy Entertainment Systems? No Thanks

Toyota has some of the industry's finest in-cabin entertainment and communication systems, but such perks may be distracting for folks who still need to concentrate on the rules of the road.

Finding New and Used Cars in Cheboygan, MI

Whether you're a new driver or a proud parent of one, you'll find something to love at Fernelius Toyota. After you take a look at these options and ideas for new-driver-friendly cars, come down to our conveniently located lot and take a look at our impressive lineup of new and used cars. If you'd like to browse before you visit, you can also check out our website.

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