Wednesday, August 20, 2014

10 Little-Known Facts About Toyota Trucks

Award-winning Toyota trucks have secured a loyal following in America and all over the world, but you may not know them as well as you think. Here are a few lesser-known historical facts and trivia about the famously reliable and beloved Toyota family of pickup trucks.

Toyota Truck Trivia

1.    Although Toyota's trucks weren't introduced to America until the 1960s, Toyota engines were used in Japanese military trucks during World War II. Because of material shortages and economic difficulties, the truck designs were very simple. In fact, these trucks had only one headlight.

2.    In 1935, the company produced its first Model G1 truck in Japan. It was a one-and-a-half-ton truck and was sold for commercial use to Japanese farmers.

3.    In 1947, Toyota, which was spelled Toyoda at the time, produced a more compact truck called the Toyopet Model SB. It had a modest 27-horsepower engine.

4.    The first Toyota truck sold in the United States was the Stout. It featured a 1.9-liter engine that only generated 85 horsepower. The Stout hit the market in 1964. While it didn't generate many sales, it established itself as a reliable product and gave Toyota an entry into the American market.

5.    The smaller Hi-Lux pickup produced in 1969 gave Toyota a more significant foothold in the U.S. In 1975, a 2.2-liter engine became standard for the Hi-Lux and other Toyota trucks for the next three decades. The Hi-Lux name was eventually dropped, and smaller Toyota trucks became known as Toyota pickups or compact trucks.

6.    Toyota's one-millionth pickup truck was produced in a Japanese factory in 1977.

7.    In 1993, Toyota responded to customer demands for larger pickups by producing the T100. Its bed was large enough to hold a 4’ X 8’ sheet of plywood. The T100 won several awards and recognitions. Notably, it was the first vehicle to ever receive an IQS award in its first production year.

8.    Many style changes occurred in trucks made after 1994. New luxury options like sports seats, CD players and air conditioning became common additions.

9.    In 1995, the compact Toyota pickup was finally given a new name with the introduction of the Tacoma; this model went on to become the company's biggest commercial success in the American truck market.

10.    Toyota introduced its full-size 2000 Tundra with a powerful V-8 engine and greater towing and hauling abilities. At its debut, the Tundra was named Motor Trend's Truck of the Year.

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