Thursday, August 14, 2014

5 Overlooked Benefits of Driving a Small Car

Bigger isn't Always Better when it Comes to Cars

Before gas prices really skyrocketed, big cars, including SUVs, were all the rage. Major improvements in fuel economy technology have been made in the ensuing years, and it's now possible to find SUVs, crossovers, minivans, vans and other vehicles that are veritable gas sippers. Still, there's a lot to be said for owning a smaller car, and the benefits go far beyond saving gas.

Five advantages of driving a small car include:

1. Superior Fuel Efficiency - Sure, technological advances have somewhat leveled the playing field when it comes to fuel efficiency. Still, though, even the most fuel-efficient SUVs can't hold a candle to the fuel efficiency of the average compact car. Small cars are lightweight, and they tend to have smaller, less demanding engines. If you're tired of experiencing sticker shock at the gas pump, a compact car is an excellent choice.

2. Easy Driving - Have you ever tried backing a van down a narrow driveway or maneuvering through narrow, winding city streets in a bulky SUV? With a small car, those issues go right out the window. Compact cars are perfect for city driving, but they come in handy out in rural areas too. Unlike larger vehicles, compact cars tend to have very few blind spots, so you're sure to feel safer behind the wheel of one as well.

3. Affordability - Compact cars tend to be among the most economical choices at the dealership. This has more to do with their size than with the kinds of features they have. In fact, compact cars' skyrocketing popularity has prompted many car manufacturers to pack them full of exciting features. You no longer have to choose between a small, simple, affordable car and a large, feature-laden, expensive car.

4. Fun - There's something about zipping around in a small car that's a lot of fun. When you're lower to the ground, even relatively slow speeds can feel positively exhilarating. Small cars tend to have very responsive steering because they're so lightweight, and that makes driving even more enjoyable.

5. Easy Parking - By purchasing a small car, you'll no longer have to pass up all those tempting "compact car only" spaces in parking garages and parking lots. You'll also be able to slide right into just about any parallel parking spot imaginable without any effort.

Switch to a Smaller Car Today

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