Tuesday, July 29, 2014

5 Reasons to Service Your Toyota at a Dealership

While there are a number of automotive repair shops in Cheboygan and northern Michigan, it’s not always easy to tell which are reliable and capable of working on your vehicle for a fair price. Even new vehicles run into problems, and the last thing you want is a mechanic that will charge you a ton of money to make a mechanical problem worse. If you need your vehicle worked on, your best bet is to go with a dealership service center such as our service center at Fernelius Toyota.

Warranty Work Is Free

Free may be a four-letter word at most automotive repair centers, but having a Toyota dealership work on your vehicle means that work covered by a warranty will be performed at no cost to you. Since we’re very familiar with Toyota warranties, we’ll be sure to let you know what is and is not covered.

Keep Your Warranty Intact

Speaking of warranties, did you know that certain actions can void your warranty? This may include replacing damaged parts with substandard parts or incorrectly installing equipment. Technicians at dealership service centers like ours know exactly what will and will not cause these types of problems, and we only use approved replacement parts.

We Know Your Vehicle

It's hard to find someone more familiar with your automobile than a service technician at a Toyota dealership. This means that problems are easily and accurately diagnosed, and repairs are completed quickly and correctly. Unless you really like your mechanic, you're not likely to want to visit them regularly because problems keep popping up. Taking your vehicle to a dealership means repairs are one and done.

Dealerships Keep Parts in Stock

Most standard automotive repair services order parts as needed. This can mean days of waiting before any work can even be done on your automobile. However, at Fernelius Toyota, we have a large inventory of common and even uncommon parts; in fact, many repair shops call us when they need a part.

Quality Over Quantity

There are several reasons why a dealership is more interested in quality repairs than a regular mechanic. Work done by a dealership may reflect on the brand, and poor work is the last thing Toyota or any manufacturer wants being associated with them. Additionally, we are less focused on sales volume because it’s common for our work to fall under a warranty, so we don't pressure you to approve a costly repair job or unnecessary work.

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