Friday, May 16, 2014

Toyota Care: Peace of Mind with Every Vehicle

Friendly, Comprehensive Service When You Need It Most

Toyota is known for producing durable, efficient cars that stand the test of time, but even the best-made vehicles need a little help to stay in good working order. Unfortunately, navigating the confusing, often treacherous car repair market can pose its own challenges. With ToyotaCare, the brilliant service professionals at Toyota have solved this problem.

What Is ToyotaCare?

ToyotaCare is a "no-cost maintenance plan" that benefits drivers who purchase or lease new Toyota vehicles. Depending on the extent to which drivers use their new vehicles, the plan fully covers cars during the first two years or 25,000 miles of their lives. Even if you drive more than 25,000 miles during the first two years, though, ToyotaCare's 24-hour roadside assistance feature remains in effect until 24 months after the vehicle's purchase. That's a powerful guarantee.

Key Features

ToyotaCare has several important features. Its Maintenance portfolio includes an easy-to-follow factory maintenance schedule that promises:

• A full engine oil and filter change
• A tire rotation
• A comprehensive, multi-point vehicle inspection that may identify problems before they become serious
• A full inspection and adjustment of the vehicle's fluid levels

This scheduled maintenance plan allows you to easily track your vehicle's maintenance during its early life. In the future, accurate records could come in handy.

Peace of Mind, Even in Emergencies

ToyotaCare also includes 24-hour roadside assistance with no geographical restrictions in the continental United States. This part of the plan features:

• Lockout service and jump starts
• Tire service
• Towing and winching
• Emergency fuel delivery

Whether you pop a tire on a dusty back road or find your battery dead during a cold snap, ToyotaCare's roadside assistance plan has you covered.

Your Friendly Toyota Dealership for Cheboygan and Northern Michigan

If the Toyota Care Plan sounds too good to be true, you probably haven't been dealing with the right car care team. At Fernelius Toyota, we're fully committed to keeping your ride—and your life—on the right track. Whether you need a quick tune-up or have a potentially vexing problem that demands immediate attention, you can stop by our showroom, visit our website or call 888-409-7036 to get the help you need.

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