Thursday, March 13, 2014

Car-Buying Myths Debunked

You've heard a lot of advice about buying a new car. Whether from family members or coworkers, it probably seems like everyone has hot tips to help you land a great deal. While many of your acquaintances probably have useful advice, it's important that you know the advice you shouldn't pay attention to.

Consumer publications provide all the information you need about new vehicles. You might think that the latest car magazine or issue of Consumer Reports will provide you with all the details you need to know about the vehicle you want to buy. While consumer publications are a good starting point for research, it's essential that you get behind the wheel of the car and ask the dealer any questions you have. There's simply no substitute for a test drive.

Paying with cash will get you a better price. This is one of the oldest myths around. While making an all-cash offer might make you feel powerful, it's not likely to give you any bargaining leverage.

Hide your trade-in until you finalize a price. Many buyers have been told that they shouldn't tell a dealer about a trade-in until they've finalized a price on a new car. However, this tactic will only draw out the process of buying a car. Be upfront about your trade-in but be sure to treat the trade-in and new car purchase as separate transactions.

Extended warranties are always a rip off. You've probably read that it never pays to buy an extended warranty. While most buyers will pass on these warranties, take some time to look over the offer. If the warranty is offered by the manufacturer or a major, well-known brand, it may be worth opting for, especially if you plan to drive your car heavily.

Buying a new car should never be a hassle. Whether you need help finding the right vehicle or want to discuss financing options in Cheboygan and Northern Michigan, the friendly staff at Fernelius Toyota is here to serve you.

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