Monday, January 20, 2014

The Top Reasons You Still See Vintage Toyotas on the Road Today

Every year, we see fewer vintage cars and pickup trucks in use. It's not hard to tell that some older autos last far longer than others. A great number of old vehicles on the road today are Toyota models, such as the Celica, Tercel and Land Cruiser. We have identified six major reasons why so many vintage Toyotas remain in service:

1. This automaker's high manufacturing standards helped it become popular in the United States. For example, many Toyota SR5 pickup trucks from the 1980s have traveled over 200,000 miles. They normally don't need as many repairs as vintage trucks made by other brands. Older Camrys and Corollas are known for their longevity as well.

2. The company's high sales also account for the enduring popularity of old Toyotas. By 1976, it was the top foreign brand in America. Toyota's U.S. division sold over 1 million autos in 1986, according to its website. It accomplished this with a combination of reliability, fuel efficiency and attractive styling.

3. Many automakers introduce trendy designs that quickly fall out of favor. On the other hand, most Toyota vehicles offer conservative but timeless styling. A Camry or Corolla from the early 1990s still looks relatively modern. Likewise, the older Toyota pickups and SUVs feature classic rugged styles that never seem to get old.

4. A more practical benefit of vintage Toyotas is that they surpass the fuel economy of many similar vehicles. For example, most Tercel models travel more than 30 miles per gallon. Many old Toyota pickup trucks achieve 17 to 24 mpg. This makes them more economical than the average new pickup.

5. Like most old machines, vintage Toyotas remain relatively simple to fix. One reason is that they contain fewer complicated electronics than modern cars or older luxury vehicles. Mechanical parts are usually less difficult to service. Although vintage autos generally need more maintenance, easier repairs reduce the cost.

6. Some people keep old Toyota cars on the road simply because they enjoy driving these vehicles. Modern features like power steering and brakes make autos easier to operate, but they give drivers less control. Many older Toyotas combine lightweight bodies and four-cylinder engines to deliver excellent performance without sacrificing fuel economy.

Nothing lasts forever, but we think many years will pass before the final Corolla All-Trac or SR5 pickup leaves the road. It's easy to explain Toyota's global success when you consider the remarkable longevity of these vehicles. Although its cars have changed, Toyota maintains the commitment to quality that helped it succeed.

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