Friday, November 2, 2012

Fernelius Ford had a $25,000 WINNER!

We all do it. We have received that flyer that says “You've Won!!!!!! You’re a winner!!!!!!” We’ve all thought “Yeah right!!!!” and tossed it in the trash. And that’s what Lawrence Madigan thought also. He put the flyer From Fernelius Lincoln in the “junk mail” pile. Thankfully, Jean Lacost retrieved it since she was comingto Cheboygan anyway.

On her way, she stopped by Fernelius Ford Lincoln to check her numbers and that decision changed their lives. Lawrence Madigan and Jean Lacost won the grand prize $25,000 dollars!!!!

“Every time we send out flyers, one of them has the grand prize winning number on it. Meaning, someone local has the grand prize, but usually it gets thrown in the “junk mail” pile before stopping in to see if it was a winner,” says Jerry Kanka, Owner/General Manager of Fernelius Ford Lincoln. “We pay special Insurance to guarantee that the winner is local. The insurance companies count on the fact the people will throw the mail away and the winning number will never get redeemed.”

Fernelius Ford Lincoln has given away over thirty thousand dollars this year, and in one afternoon... that almost doubled.”

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