Monday, August 24, 2015

Coming Soon: 2016 Toyota Prius Debut

What to expect when the updated hybrid rolls into your local Toyota dealership

Despite a recent drop in hybrid sales attributed to lower gas prices, Toyota is ready to roll out the new 2016 Prius later this year. The car is expected to appear at either the September auto show in Tokyo or the November show in Los Angeles. This first major update to the model since 2009 is rumored to feature a few key changes that should appeal to current Prius fans as well as drivers who may be on the fence about the hybrid.

How Does It Drive?

According to Jim Lentz, CEO of Toyota North America, the new Prius is “fantastic.” He reports that it has a “lower center of gravity” and handles better than previous models. Some sources are saying that the new Prius may feature
all-wheel drive as well, a change from the front-wheel drive used in current vehicles. This is good news for those who live in areas that get a lot of snow.

What Does it Look Like?

Toyota is sticking with the five-door Prius design but is looking to make updates that provide a “broader appeal” for the vehicle. Lentz says the car is “better looking,” and certain reports hint that the high dashboard console may be receiving a makeover to become more streamlined. Toyota is now employing a “New Global Architecture” for all of their vehicles, so consumers are likely to get a taste of what that means when the new Prius appears.

Is the Gas Mileage Good?

Current Prius models get about 50 miles per gallon combined city and highway driving. Though some sources initially reported that the 2016 car would get 15% more, Lentz calls this number “too high” and says that 10% is a better estimate, meaning that drivers should expect to get about 55 miles to the gallon.

What About the Battery?

In previous models, Toyota relied on nickel-metal hydride cell batteries. However, the trend in the industry is now leaning toward lighter lithium-ion batteries. Toyota already produces other cars with this type of battery, which has some sources speculating that lithium-ion cells could also become the norm with the new Prius.

Whatever the final results, head over Fernelius Toyota to check out the 2016 Prius when it appears. We’ll have these vehicles in stock for you to browse and test drive. If you need information about financing, fill out our
online information request form or come in to talk with one of our salespeople. It’s our goal to send you off out Cheboygan, MI lot with the car of your dreams. 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Comparison of Toyota SUVs: Highlander, RAV4 & More

Toyota is an Emerging SUV Leader

Historically, Toyota has been thought of as a sedan-heavy make. The Corolla, Camry and other models all have legendary reputations for quality and efficiency.

Many folks don't know that Toyota is also the go-to car maker for high-quality, long-lasting SUVs that come in virtually every shape and size. If you're thinking about adding an SUV to your auto repertoire, this is your guide to the differences between
Toyota's most popular SUV models.

Land Cruiser

The Land Cruiser is an upmarket SUV that combines a cavernous, eight-seater interior with legendary off-road capabilities. Its luxurious appointments complement a rugged suspension that's equally comfortable on a newly paved Interstate or a rutted dirt track. With an 8,200-pound towing capacity and a 5.7-liter V8 engine, the Land Cruiser achieves 18 mpg and boasts 381 horsepower.


The Highlander is a versatile SUV with seating for eight in a comfy, economical interior. It comes in numerous trims that cater to a wide range of tastes. For a truly eco-friendly experience, opt for the Highlander Hybrid.


The RAV4 is a sprightly SUV that's perfect for active folks. Its roomy interior supports an ample cargo bay and reclining second-row seats that can comfortably fit five. Despite its impressive dimensions, the RAV4 handles like a sporty sedan and can easily fit into tight parking spots. It's surprisingly versatile off the beaten path as well.


The 4Runner is a rugged, sporty SUV that's ideal for those who want to get away from it all. Whether you're trekking to a remote campsite or driving along one of Michigan's beautiful beaches, the 4Runner's sturdy suspension, cargo racks and cutting-edge safety features have you covered. The 4Runner was named 2015 4x4 of the year by Petersen's 4-Wheel & Off-Road Magazine.


The Sequoia is a popular family SUV that excels on the way to soccer practice, the hunting cabin and everywhere in between. With room for up to eight passengers and towing for up to 7,400 pounds, there's nothing the Sequoia can't handle.

Find Your Nearest
MI Toyota Dealership Today

If you're excited about the prospect of driving home a brand-new Toyota SUV in the near future, there's only one thing left to do: Find your nearest Michigan Toyota dealer and take one for a test drive today. To learn more about our incredible stock of Toyota SUVs and schedule an appointment with an experienced specialist, visit our website at your convenience.

Monday, August 10, 2015

A Look at Fun Toyota Memorabilia and Collectibles

Finding Fun Everywhere With Toyota's Extensive Resources

Whether you're rolling smoothly over the countryside, blasting ahead on a highway to the distant horizon or perking jauntily through a maze of streets in the city, Toyota has it all. It's for good reason that the strong tales of Toyota have found their way to finely detailed scale models, imaginative advertisements and colorful, entertaining brochures that live on in the portfolios of discerning collectors.

The strongest memories often fall from the vibrant experiences of childhood, and who can forget the classic Hot Wheels line of toys from Mattel? Children across the decades have trundled workhorse Toyota pickups, raced sleek Toyota 2000 GT sports cars, vroomed marvels of Toyota Supra engineering and played endlessly with their excitingly detailed reflections of a remarkable spectrum of other Toyota vehicles. With a collection of Hot Wheels cars that reflect the proud legacy of Toyota engineering, your childhood will remain eternal.

For adults who have long since hidden their Hot Wheels toys in a safe place, commemorative baseball caps from Toyota's Scion Racing events proclaim support for fast cars and protect happy fans from the hot sun of a summer's day. For comfort-minded fans, the warmth of Scion-branded socks stands up against the bullying of the chillier days that wander abroad. For the need right now to make a loud noise unto the heavens for the race to begin, a Scion racing whistle comes in handy. If a mantelpiece or display cabinet looks lonely and empty, then Gushi, Rado and the rest of an eager gang of action figures will be glad to stand guard against drabness in their bright helmets and uniforms.

Remote-control enthusiasts have found the best of both worlds in a melding of Hot Wheels with grown-up cars. State-of-the-art electric drives and fancy remote controls make it ridiculously easy to zoom around a parking lot with zero risk of encountering traffic tickets or bone-jarring potholes. With an Apex Scion Racing FR-S Touring Car or other choice of remote-controlled fun, you'll be yelling gleefully at your friends as you repeatedly beat them to the finish line.

A fun collection of Toyota collectibles and memorabilia becomes all the more memorable upon visiting our Toyota dealership in Cheboygan, MI, where a rumbling herd of fine cars awaits interested browsers. Ranging from professionally renewed vehicles to sleek exhibitions of the latest and greatest models, any buyer can find the best choice to meet personal needs. If you have any questions about the world-class automobiles that inspire collectible artworks and lasting memories, we can answer them! Come see us at
Fernelius Toyota to browse our inventory of new and used vehicles. 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Beginner's Guide to Giving a New or Used Car as a Gift

So we heard you're thinking about buying a car as a gift for that special someone in your life. We're thrilled to hear that. You're probably a bit overwhelmed and full of questions. Buying a new or used car can feel like somebody just threw you into the deep end with no floaties. Take a deep breath: We have floaties. Here are a few important things to keep in mind as you're getting started.

Tell Us It's a Surprise

This is the most important part of your shopping experience. We're experts at this, remember? The dealership will be able to help you make decisions about things you didn't even know needed deciding. Plus, we don't want to accidentally ruin the surprise for you by calling or emailing in front of your loved one. It also helps us work out all of the financial and paperwork details. We'll be as excited about this surprise as you; we love surprises.

Do Your Research

We mean it. We are using our mom voice with you right now. You know the one. Every state has different rules about gifting cars, and Michigan is no different. If you're taking the car out-of-state, check with their DMV; otherwise, is a great resource. Remember that your loved one will have to register the car in their name in MI or any other state, and make sure that he or she has appropriate insurance to go along with it before it's driven.

It's important to do your research on the person you're buying the car for, too. What's this person's lifestyle like? Are they flashy, simple or environmentally conscious? What's this person's favorite color? What about vehicle must-haves? Some people need a sunroof; other people can't live without heated seats. Make a list of everything important, both big and small. A car is a huge surprise, but all of those little personal touches are what will really make the recipient feel special.

Take Your Time

We cannot stress this enough. Planning a surprise should be fun, and it should never feel stressful or rushed. Make sure you find exactly what you want. Ask lots of questions. Remember that we can special order cars for you too. We have dozens of options that will allow you to fully customize the car to suit your loved one. We want you to feel good about your purchase, so give yourself lots of extra time to get this right.

Still not sure where to start? Let us help.
Visit our homepage or, even better, come see us. We'd love to talk to you face-to-face and help get you on the right track to deliver the surprise of a lifetime.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Driving a Toyota Could Save Your Life!

Why it’s important to consider safety when choosing a vehicle

Every year groups such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) conduct independent crash testing on vehicles from major manufacturers and release lists of the safest vehicles based on the results. Toyota models have consistently received five-star ratings thanks to quality construction and a host of safety features.

Why Go for Safety?

Safety should be your main focus when shopping for a car. Sleek looks and flashy accessories won’t do you any good if the car performs poorly in the event of a crash. IIHS has found many Toyota models to be superior in all types of crashes. Testing includes front, side, rear, rollover and a “front overlap” test that’s meant to simulate hitting a stationary object with the front or corner of the car. If a vehicle does well in all of these categories, you can rely on it to keep you safe if you’re ever involved in an accident.

Features to Look For

When shopping for a safe vehicle, keep an eye out for standard features including strong seat belts, airbags in every possible location, anti-lock brakes and electronic stability control. For improved safety, cars may be built with reverse backup sensors and cameras, blind spot and side view assistance or alert sensors that send out pre-crash warnings.

The Safest Toyotas: Which Model is Best?

According to the IIHS report for 2015, these Toyota models perform best in crash tests and deserve a “Top Safety Pick” or “Top Safety Pick+” label:

• Avalon
• Camry
• Highlander
• Prius 4-door
• Prius v
• RAV4
• Sienna

All models received “good” ratings or better for “crashworthiness” criteria including impacts from various angles, the strength of the roof and the performance of head restraints and seats. Each vehicle includes a list of both standard and advanced safety features that help to achieve the best results in the event of a collision.

To find the safest vehicle for you and your family, head over to Fernelius Toyota. Browse the models in our new and used vehicle inventory to find one that meets your ideal criteria for safety. If you need help figuring out which model is right for you, the staff at our Cheboygan MI dealership can offer tips to steer you toward the perfect car.

5 Little-Known Toyota Facts

Some fun & unusual tidbits about one of the most popular vehicle brands

If you’ve never driven a Toyota vehicle, you’ve definitely seen one on the streets. Toyota accounts for nearly 12% of the vehicles on the streets of the world. With such a reliable and well trusted brand, it’s no surprise that Toyota has some very unique and interesting history.

1) Toyota Didn’t Start with Cars

In 1867, the Sakichi Toyoda company was founded and began making hand looms, not cars. Throughout the early 1900s, they invented other loom models such as the Toyoda Automatic with a nonstop shuttle change feature. The company didn’t even start looking into cars until 1929.

2) Early Toyota Cars Had US Influence

After the son of the company’s founder visited the US for automobile design inspirations, Toyoda Automatic Loom Works added an automotive department in 1933. Their first prototypes, the A1 passenger car and the G1 truck, borrowed many features from American cars. In 1935, Toyoda began manufacturing these two cars and continued to design new vehicles such as the Model AA Sedan and the GA truck that appeared in 1936.

3) “Toyota” May Be a Lucky Name

The original name of Toyoda was changed to Toyota when the company designed its first logo. While “Toyoda” took ten brush strokes to complete and included a plus shape that could be associated with uncertainty, “Toyota” took only eight strokes and had a shape that was linked to growth and prosperity. Eight is also considered a lucky number in Japan.

4) Toyota Manufactures a “Superstar” Car

Did you know that Toyota manufactures and sells a Corolla every 27 seconds? That works out to around 133 Corollas sold every hour. In fact, Corolla is the bestselling nameplate for all vehicles worldwide, making it a true star among cars.

5) Toyota Takes Going Green Seriously

Toyota is responsible for selling almost 75% of hybrid vehicles in the US and is the world’s leading maker of hybrid vehicles. An Inter Brand Survey ranked the company number one out of all green brands across the globe. With over 1.7 million hybrids on the road, Toyota is a leader when it comes to green transportation.

The next time you’re looking for a vehicle with a fun and colorful past, come visit Fernelius Toyota. We stock a large inventory of new and used cars, so you have a variety of Toyota models to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a sleek and sporty car or a practical sedan with great fuel economy, Fernelius Toyota has just the right vehicle for you.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Maintenance Tasks You Didn't Even Know You Were Overlooking

You had your oil changed and all your fluids checked. Your gas tank is full, and your wheels are aligned. You might think you can relax and forget about your car for a while. Unfortunately, that disintegrating hose under your hood might have other ideas. Automobiles are made up of a lot of working parts, and it's easy to forget that they all need maintenance eventually. Attending to seemingly small but critically important maintenance needs will increase your car's longevity, and keep you on the road instead of in the mechanic's shop. Here are three things you should check regularly.

Check Your Car's Important Belts

Your car's serpentine belt is a black belt with ridges running along its side. It powers a lot of important engine components including your compressor, cooling fan and steering pump. If the belt breaks, you won't be able to drive your car until it's replaced. To avoid the expense and inconvenience of having your serpentine belt break while you're on the road, check it for small cracks, and pay attention to squeaks and squeals that occur when you accelerate. Your timing belt is also critically important. When it fails, your engine goes dead. You should have it checked and possibly replaced around every 50,000 miles.

Keep an Eye on Essential Engine Hoses

Your car probably has several hoses, but you don't need to know what each one does to check them for damage. When your engine is cold, squeeze your hoses gently. They should feel firm but not hard. Visible cracks and squishy spots are warning signs that one or more hoses could soon fail and cause damage to your engine. Compared to repairing engine damage, replacing hoses is very affordable.

How's Your Gas Cap Doing?

Your gas cap might not seem like an important part of your car, but a faulty one causes increased emissions and decreased gas mileage. Your car has a pressurized fuel system, and if your gas cap is loose or poorly sealed, fuel vapors escape; this will make your check engine light come on and cost you time at a mechanic’s shop. When you fill your tank, be sure to replace your gas cap tightly. If you see cracks forming in the cap, or it becomes difficult to tighten or loosen, replace it immediately.

When It's Time for a Whole-Vehicle Change, Visit Fernelius Toyota

If your car needs more than an oil change or a new set of hoses, maybe calling a mechanic isn't the answer. Instead, visit your local Toyota dealership with the best new and used cars in Cheboygan, and with a better selection than in Petoskey, Alpena, Gaylord, Rogers City, or anywhere else in Northern Michigan. Our state-of-the-art dealership spans eight acres and offers a diverse array of new and used vehicles to meet every need and budget. We also have a large, modern service area, with a comfortable, friendly customer lounge, so you can keep your new car operating at maximum performance. Stop by our gorgeous showroom, or visit us online to learn more.